Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Empty Houses

And it will never be this clean again. 
Another empty house, waiting to be filled with all the furniture and shoes and junk and memories.

Another place to come home to rest, to sigh at the end of a long day.

Another refuge by the fire.

It looks a lot different than the home we most recently occupied, with its pool in a tiny courtyard being the most attractive feature. In that house, the best part about it was the place where you could go to cool off. In this house, it's the place where you go to warm up.

(I hate to say it, but i miss being hot all the time.)

Empty houses are always full of possibility and hope -- and this one certainly is right about now.

To new beginnings...


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Monday, November 23, 2015

Our Own Home

It's been more than a year since the bedding, furniture, plates, cups, towels and such that we use have actually belonged to us. It's nice to be detached from things and to realize that you don't need them in order to live a fulfilled life, but at the same time, a place doesn't tend to feel like home unless you have them.

This past year we went from the Nicaraguan bamboo house to the house on the "river" to my parents' cabin in the woods of South Dakota to the basement of our friends' house on beautiful Mt. Tabor in Portland. They've all had their charms and i've been so grateful to provide such wonderful homes for my kiddo -- but when it comes down to it, a duplex in outer Northeast Portland now feels so much more like home than any of those places combined.

There is the art, collected from a dozen trips to a dozen foreign locales. There are the teacups and saucers, the tiny glass trinkets and a set of new-old aprons from my grandma. There are craft boxes and keepsake boxes and old photos and journals that we haven't looked at in years. There are the funky pieces of furniture that other people shake their heads at. There are new things to replace old things that we sold or flung off before the big move. There are garden planters and skis and cool old bikes. There is less junk than before, but still, there will always be at least some junk. That's the way we (i) roll, i guess...

 In short, there are all the trappings of home, and it's a good thing.


There's also nothing quite like the aromas of home -- which you sometimes don't even notice until you're unpacking your stuff.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Kids on Bikes

Here at home in Portland, kids on bikes are no big deal. The majority of kids have a bike or ride one on occasion, and a fair amount of them are decent riders. That is the case for my kiddo too.

In Nicaragua there are a lot of bikes, but they tend to be ridden by the kids' parents, while the kids get plopped on the middle bar or on a rack in the back. Bikes, in Granada, are a common form of transport for parents and adults -- but you don't see a lot of little helmeted cyclists riding around. Once we got there, i quickly decided that i too was not buying my kid a bike, since the drivers drive crazy and it was so dang hot that my kid was not likely to ride. Oh, and the bikes you could find were pretty bad too. I bought one brand-new and within months it had a bent rim that rendered it wobbly and a bunch of rust that rendered it unattractive and less steal-worthy.

It was surprising, then, to discover that i would soon learn to be a mountain biker from a bunch of Nicaraguan teens. This particular group were kids who had been part of a non-profit that supports them through their education, Empowerment International, and that also happens to have a bike club. I soon became a proud adult member of this club.

Every Tuesday at 5 i would rise with the roosters and get on my wobbly bike. When i arrived at the meeting point i would trade that wobbly thing for one of the group's great bikes, and off we'd go to Laguna de Apoyo or Mombacho Volcano or Lago Cocibolca -- these places where tourists might skim the surface, but never see the back ends or untrodden trails that we got to tread. It was really one of the highlights of my time in Granada.

Now that club is planning for their annual week-long Bike Challenge, where mountain bikers from anywhere can come and join these kids for days and days of adventure in some of those great spots where tourists rarely get to do more than gloss the surface.

I wish i could be there, but since i can't, you should go! Here's more information:

Happy riding!


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Monday, November 2, 2015

The Rebel

Maybe we should move to the desert, where temptation is nil.
Just when you think you're off the hook somewhat, and your child is able to get herself out of bed, get ready and walk to school in the morning... when she's able to make herself a snack and even get in touch with friends to set up her own hangouts and do a lot of other stuff that makes being a parent easier... you remember that soon they're going to be a teen.

And that means they're probably going to start trying out a lot more dangerous stuff than just getting into the whipped cream in the fridge.

Like maybe they'll decide to come home from a sleepover, drop their bag by the door and then leave again without leaving a note. And not come back for two hours.

Stress much? 

Now is the time when all that talk about raising a revolutionary and encouraging rebellion comes home to roost. I want her to question the norms, but also to tell me where she's going to be. I want her to be fearless, but not so fearless that she walks around town without anyone knowing where she's gone.

She came home from her walk around town with friends, and on top of it all, she was wearing a cropped t-shirt that had her belly hanging out. She with the streak of white blonde hair and the long legs and the pretty mouth -- a prime target for whoever to do whatever...

Of course she got a talking-to and a grounding. But somehow i know this is just the beginning of the new kind of parenting -- the kind where we don't worry about her sticking her hand on the stove, but instead worry about her going to the mall and getting recruited by bad boys to do bad stuff.

Can't we just go back to the days when paying for preschool was the toughest thing on my plate??


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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Happy Halloween!

The mad witch.
It's almost Halloween!

In this family, we never have any fun during this holiday.


Usually we stay home and turn the lights off, so that no one comes to our door. If they do, we encourage the dogs to bark loudly so it seems like they're guarding an empty house.

The year A and i entered a talent contest as televangelists.
We wouldn't think of having a costume collection that takes up two entire storage totes, nor would we ever think of teaming up with our friends to create group costumes or go out and have a blast out on the town.

Nope. We are just boring, uncostumed, non-pumpkin carving people, trying to make it in this world of craziness.

Just kidding!

The cheerleading outfit we found, with the name "Lindy" on it!
I've just been looking back at some of the photos from years past, and it looks like we've had lots of fun indeed. In the first photo, i think the rebelangel is only not smiling because i'd told her that she couldn't have any more candy that day.
Cougs at the casino. It's just like it sounds.

What a mean mom i was (am).

Anyway --

Happy Halloween ya'll!

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The gorgeous Cleopatra.
Nana with curlers and her little mutt, and the Nica crew!
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Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga's skeletons.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Nica Scene: Street Love

When you go out at night in Granada, you never know what you're going to find.

Thus, even a week or two afterward, this scene sticks in my mind:

A twentysomething gringa sat smoking on the stoop of the local dance bar, where people mingle and sweat and get naughty with hip hop and salsa and cumbia, and of course, bachata, nearly every night. By day, when the sun fails in hiding its grimy nether regions, the bar is mostly empty, but at night, its dark, dank corners are the places to be and not be seen. Needless to say, twentysomething traveling gringas find the salsa and the dark corners enticing.

She sat there on that hot stoop smoking, perhaps unaware that it's not every evening that a squadron of rough-necked construction guys worked nights pounding the dirt back into place as part of the current sewer project. Their truck sat idling in the middle of the junction of two streets, just outside the bar, while the crew sweated and sometimes worked and catcalled the many gringas who populated that stoop.

Only this time, the gringa didn't fit the mold.

Instead of sneering disapprovingly at the workers' catcalls, this one had her eye on the one with the small waist and the tucked-in t-shirt. When he catcalled her, she simply threw down her smoke, stalked up to him and grabbed the back of his head, planting the biggest kiss on his welcoming lips.

He, being the proud Nicaraguan cat-calling construction worker that he is, wasn't going to be outshone in the romance department by some dishwater blonde -- so he wrapped his arms around her and dipped her low in front of him, further intensifying the kiss.

Meanwhile his fellow workers shouted in approval, and we, the older gringas on our way to a quieter bar, gasped and sputtered and then laughed as we walked away.

Certainly this woman didn't have the guts to let those men continue to catcall her! Certainly she knew that she was only perpetuating the stereotype that foreign women are sluts! And how would she get him to leave her alone now? 

As the type of gringa who carefully decides what to conservative-yet-not-warm clothes to wear before leaving the house, so as to minimize the catcalls, those were my first thoughts.

Then again, the kiss was incredibly romantic, spontaneous, and provocative. It was a moment of bliss for the two of them, and if i'm still talking about it now, i'm sure they are too. 

So who am i to say she was wrong or she shouldn't have done it?

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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Nica Office

These two have it made in the shade. If only there was more shade though.
It is strange to think about, but on this most recent venture into Nicaland, this was one of the only photos i took. Probably because i spent much of my time in this office, gazing out at that lovely pool while these two conspired to fill my head with preschooler talk and baby babble.

The bigger one loved "working" with me in "my" office, pasting puffy stickers on papers while i scribbled away at some case study or sales page or other boring stuff. The baby, meanwhile, just loved being cute.

If only i could paste puffy stickers all day and walk around in my undies, getting in and out of the pool at my leisure!

It's also a photo that shows just how lush life can be when you're working in an office in a really, really nice home in Nicaragua. Yes, you might have to have a fan blowing on you constantly so as not to sweat while you type, but at least you can catch a glimpse of cute babies learning to swim at a very young age, and look forward to your moments of relaxation among the palms and cicadas and cocos... 


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Monday, October 12, 2015


This, friends, is one of my favorite types of photos. Me and the girl, her being a total goof, both of us about to embark on a journey together. Check out the reflection in my sunglasses -- nothing but miles of open road in front of us, as well as a fight about who's going to get to play the tunes for the next few hours.

Hint: the kid usually wins, because i'm just too tired to fight her.

I might be on a solo journey back in Nicaragua right now, but the ones that involve just me and the kiddo (and maybe a couple dogs) are definitely the ones that feed my soul most.


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Friday, October 9, 2015

Vale la pena

It starts with a view like this...

and ends with a view like this.

There's a phrase in Spanish that i love, even more than its English counterpart for some reason. Perhaps because it gets thrown around here in this wild country a lot, where things are not always guaranteed and the struggles to success are always more hard-won. Vale la pena means "worth the pain." While it's not much pain to get here, there is a bit of stress and struggle and long days on planes getting nothing done in the way of work, as well as the awkwardness in getting people to be OK with you going back and forth and in and out of their lives.

But in the end, when you do it and you get to be part of multiple worlds at once, it's totally vale la pena.


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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Back in Nicaland

It came sooner than i would have expected, but when you make good friends somewhere, they tend to want you back.

That's why i'm finding myself here, in front of a fan, back in Nicaragua linda. A friend needed help around her household, and with the cold winds starting to blow back in gringolandia, i really couldn't say no to her offer to buy me a ticket.

The rebelangel, on the other hand, erupted with a resounding "Noooooo!!" when i offered to buy her a ticket to come along. She's settling nicely into soccer and school and friends and just wasn't ready to return to somewhere she was sooo ready to leave. Even though she spends her days basking in the glory of having some of the best Spanish among all of her bilingual classmates, she has yet to really appreciate Nicaragua for giving that to her. And for other gifts such as making her more aware of economic disparity, gratitude for a comfortable life, awareness beyond her home borders, understanding of various cultures, and all the other stuff that wiggled its way into her life without her being totally aware it was doing so. Even the fact that her new bestie back home is just off the boat from Italy speaks to the fact that she has become a global citizen, and in turn seeks out other global citizens to hang with.

It is strange though to be back so soon -- barely three months after leaving and i am again a stranger, yet not. Yes, i know where each Granada street leads, and i brace myself for the onslaught of catcalling that i know will happen the moment i walk out the door of this gorgeous compound, but still, i am neither here nor there.

The smells are again strange -- the scent of woodsmoke and tropical decay everywhere. The fumigadoras who come to spray for mosquitoes are still doing their thing and stinking up the neighborhood. The sweaty carriage horses are still leaving their droppings in the streets -- the literal detritus of tourism dropped all around the colonial parts of Granada. It is all familiar but foreign. Gorgeous but ugly around the edges. Gloriously warm but too hot -- and i am thankful for a pool just steps from this comfy office where i'm now working.

Like every time -- every day -- when this was my full-time home, Nicaragua is full of both love, and something that is not quite hate, but more like annoyance that strikes you and fills you with awe.

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

This American Life

Because who doesn't love dogs in Kiss jackets?!
All around me are people hustling and bustling to and from their jobs and working to love life in between. I am hustling and bustling too -- but in a different way. Sure, this freelance life means i often don't have the same amount of funds that some of my friends do -- but it also means that i can come and go as i please, and i don't have to be stressed about fitting it all in. I have to hustle to make money too -- but i don't expect the world around me to bend at my will to get it all done.

That's the biggest thing that stands out when you've been away from the Matrix of this American life: The fact that a lot of people in a lot of other places don't live lives of stress about going to work, stress about coming home from work, stress about taking care of the home and running around ragged in their off times. There are people out there who take time to contemplate the distinct yellow of a leaf, or to wonder at the jagged lines a little stream of water made on a hill. There are people who look at life and don't just whiz through it. There are people who don't pile their stress onto their kids or burn into their heads that they have to do anything besides live and be an authentic human.

That is not to say that i won't encourage my daughter to go to college or to do good in school or to be a decent person who's not a jerk to others -- but i also want her to take time to breathe the sweet breezes and to see the world around her, not having to see it rush by as she rushes around. I don't nag her at all hours about what she should be doing, because when she's lying around seemingly doing nothing, she's going where her mind wants to go, and that's OK.

Now more than ever i see that this makes me something out of the ordinary -- that it maybe even pisses people off. But to them i say, you do you, and i'll do me. And that means i'll do exactly what i'm doing right now.

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Monday, September 28, 2015

Friends Around the World

I'll go for the black.
The title of this blog is Raising a Revolutionary Around the World, and I certainly do. But she's not the only one who gets to make friends and get a slice of the traveling life, obviously.

Before i left Nicaragua this summer, i traveled to Matagalpa in the northern part of the country with a few friends. Like most trips with friends, it was filled with lots of inside jokes and banter. We took a photo a lot like this one, trying to decide which ugly pair of pants would be ours and which ones would be another of our friends'. Now i can't pass by a grouping of these headless pants without thinking of that trip, and the friends who i seem to keep accumulating around the world...

(PS, tell me which pants you want.)


Meanwhile the girl has made friends with some international kids who just moved to the city. It's great to see the tradition continuing, even here. Another great thing that's happening: she's loving being back in a big class where they can do math and science in a bigger way.

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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Looking for housing during Portland's housing crisis? Forget it.

Every morning i wake up in a basement where my bed is in a den, surrounded by the white curtains that give it some privacy, and my first inclination is to lament. It's a basement, after all, and i just moved from a three bedroom three bath with a pool and a maid.
Totally demoted. But at least there are cute dogs here.

But if you're living in Portland -- or you're thinking about moving here -- you have to look at it a different way and say a little prayer of thanks for having somewhere to live at all. Yesterday Portland's mayor declared a state of emergency in relation to the homeless housing situation -- but that problem extends way beyond the houseless to those who have the jobs and the funds to pay for SOME housing, but they're being priced out. In case you haven't heard, this city's rents have skyrocketed, with the fastest-growing rents in the country.

It may not seem so bad if you're moving from San Francisco, but it does if you're moving from Nicaragua.

So i am thankful that i have a place to live, but overwhelmed at the prospect of only being able to  move into an apartment instead of a house for the first time since college. And i'll be paying more for said apartment than i did for any of the rental homes i've lived in in this fair city.

People talk about how it's all due to people from the tech sector moving here for jobs, but i don't see the jobs. This city has always had a relatively unwelcoming environment for businesses, and that's always made jobs scarce. So now i have to wonder where, if they do exist, are all these jobs that are spurring on growth. Maybe i should go and find one...


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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

This Ocean, That Ocean, Same Ocean

When we first moved to Nicaragua and went to the beach, my kiddo was amazed. Suddenly, she could spend all day among the waves, splashing and riding the swells and stuff... and she'd never get cold. That's because there, the ocean is meant for swimming.
Notice no one swimming?

Here in Oregon, where she's lived almost her whole life, the beach looks more like the photo seen here -- where shoes and socks and jackets and all that stuff are necessary to endure the onslaught of wind and rain. Even in early September, when this photo was taken, i required multiple layers.

It is just so funny to me that this type of ocean situation is what my kiddo is used to, when i think the rest of the world thinks of the ocean as that warm, tropical, sunny type of place where you can spend all day in the water and not emerge with blue lips.

Yet another reason it's good to get the kids out of their comfort zones for a while... 


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Monday, September 21, 2015

Busy Weekend

It's Monday and the last place i'd like to be is in front of my computer. 

When you move in to someone else's home, you tend to have to go along with whatever is going on at the house. Whether you want to or not, you get to ride along for house cleanings, family fights, and even birthday parties that happen under the roof.

Of course, the birthday parties are not a problem.

It's just that when you're not following your own path, you might push through and do things that you wouldn't have otherwise done. In other words, i think i'm turning into more of an introvert than i've been before -- and riding along with someone else's program kind of interrupts that. Today is Monday and i am finally alone in the house -- and all i want to do is sleep. But it's Monday so i'm here at this computer instead... pushing through...


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Monday, September 14, 2015

Dreams of Travel

We have barely set our suitcases down, but i'm dreaming of picking mine up again.

When i told my daughter i wanted to go back to Nicaragua next month, her reaction was a solid "Nnnooooooo!"

OK, got it -- she's done with that place for a while. But for me, an opportunity has presented itself, and that means back again to the land of lakes and volcanoes without her, just for a little while.

More on that later -- but the point right now is: i give myself permission to lead a life that involves as much roaming as possible. If you deign to be a naysayer and tell me that i shouldn't, you shouldn't. This is my one life. I'll live it the way i want. You go ahead and do yours.

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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Where to Next?

Among all of the questions we seem to get directed our way upon our return from living in Nicaragua, one actually has me thinking: Where to next?

For many families who managed to do what we did -- packing up our lives into a meager storage unit and taking the kid and dog on a plane to somewhere else for a year -- that would be the end of it. We'd come home and tell our tales and be ready to fit back into our real reality.

But maybe it's that we are just one kid and one parent, and that one parent does a job that's all online that we don't have to think like that. We can indeed dream of the next adventure, and no one is going to be too surprised. I thought i'd leave that "what's next?" question alone a while, but surprisingly, it's my kiddo who has already started thinking about it. Turns out she's pretty obsessed with soccer, and with the world at her fingertips, she wants to go where the best soccer players in the world learn the game.

First she said Brazil, and i imagined all the kids who grow up in the favelas, knocking the ball down the street. It would be an experience, but learning Portuguese while my Spanish is still in progress could really mess me up. So then she said Argentina, where Lionel Messi is from. I am down with that. Ironically, a man we met at the local Central-South American market here in Portland reminded us that the U.S. of A. is actually a really good place to learn soccer too. So there's that.

In any case, we are already thinking of where to next, and that's a fun thing to do.

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Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Not much going on here --

Just looking to find my center here in the U.S. of A., finding free ways to spend an afternoon (kayaking with my new sit-on-top is a good one) and looking after that great kid i get to live with.

I could go on and on about how Portland's rents have become a ridiculous joke -- especially for a single adult with a child -- how this city's charms have finally gone public and that means we're all crowded in and in and in... how work seems to uninspire me and how the days growing colder makes me want to escape...

but the truth is, i am here and i went out on the water yesterday, and for that i need to be grateful.

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Friday, September 4, 2015

The Woods

The very best part of the day...
To make it as a freelancer in the U.S., you have to be a lot more diligent about sticking to a routine and to keeping up the daily earnings goal. That means there's less time for idleness, meeting friends for coffee, wandering around the town and all that. It kind of takes away the beauty of being a freelancer -- because often the reason people do it is the relative freedom you get in not having to answer to a boss when you don't want to work 9 to 5.

Still, we now live close to one of the loveliest parks in the city, a tiny extinct volcano with needle-covered paths that wind and twist up to views of Mount St. Helens, Mt. Hood and downtown Portland. At 5 every day, i get a daily respite from the realities of having to sit in front of a computer all day, and each day i remind myself that it's the best part of the day.

So even if i have to stick to a solid routine like the rest of the working stiffs out there, at least there are trees to greet me at the end...


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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Middle School!

5th grade, Granada, Nicaragua

6th grade, Portland, OR
Last week was the start of school in Portland. The rebelangel came home on the first and second days and i asked her how it went and whether people were asking her all about her year abroad. Of course they were. She was so tired of talking about it to everyone who she encountered -- friends, teachers, administrators, parents -- that she didn't even want to talk about it at all with me.

I get it. People ask you what it was like and how it was, and you almost don't even know where to start. You had a life somewhere else -- a life that was filled with school days and friends and homework and activities... a life that doesn't at all look like the one you have here, but at the same time is very much centered around the same day-to-day routine. One, however, ends with a splash in the pool, while the other ends with a splash in a rain puddle.

I look at these two pictures and i see two very different things. One is filled with color and light. The other is brown grass and bit of a stressed look. Maybe it's the fact that the rebelangel is now in middle school and thus feels like she has to be a certain way -- meaning snarky -- to fit in. I don't know.

All i know is that she seems to be content here (while at the same time a salty middle schooler), while i'm still not sure which place i want to be in more. Or do i have to choose?

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